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Website update

Hi Jo,
As I said in WhatsApp, I was believing I will send you this message last week but didnt want to do it before being sure that your website is completly ready. I always discovered something to re-do or refine and it took a lot longer than I planned.


But finally everything is ready to go!


Most of that time took site mobile version optimisation – every single page has got two versions of almost every element – the desktop one and the mobile one, here is an example:



There are also two different headers for mobile and desktop and I paid a massive attention that hte website will load fast.



Now some details:

"Training courses chosen by other students" section:

The desktop version wasn’t responsive

so I created a different type of listing what shows well on mobiles:

and now it displayes nicely on every single training course page

Course Content and Accreditation section:

again, two different versions are created:



but on some pages I coudn’t decide which version looks better on mobile




so i will be so thankfull if you could please go through them and let me know which one you like better.


"Stay in Touch" section

is updated with new text and also tested for emails sending, this section will be usefull for building the mailing list for your blog updates.



I have updated ‘Why choose Us’ section with different photo and also rearranged the text to give it tidy look.


There is also a mobile version, please can you check if the keypoints are in correct order on mobile?
(click on the image to see it live)



Similar with a Testimonials section, there is new photo and on mobile version are short reviews only, because the long ones didnt look well.
Of course I can add them on but in shorter version if you would like too.

(click on the image to see it live)


They are all done and ready to view on website

Of course we will need to go through them together just to make sure I selected the correct options.




I think that’s all but i might forgot about somethng, but the main thing is that once you tell me you are happy with the current version , your website will be live. Finally!!! 🙂


Please let me know on WA what are your thoughts 🙂