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Do you know your Needle Gauges?

Knowing your NEEDLE GAUGE is important as a Practitioner

A lot of practitioners don’t have the correct knowledge of needle GAUGE. Although it may be confusing for some at first- the higher the needle gauge, the thinner the needle. Although a helpful, visual clue is the colour coding used on needles, it is important for aestheticians to check packaging and labels to ensure accurate selection.

The selection of needle gauge for dermal filler injections is influenced by various factors, including the type of filler, desired outcomes, and practitioner preference. However, many aesthetic professionals may lack clarity regarding the distinctions among needle sizes.

30 Gauge: Typically yellow, this fine needle is commonly employed for delicate areas such as the lips. It is suitable for injecting thinner fillers or when precise control and finesse are paramount.

27 Gauge: Typically grey in colour, 27 gauge needles are slightly thicker than the 30 gauge, 27 gauge needles are still relatively thin and can be utilized for lip injections. They might be favoured for thicker fillers or when a slightly swifter injection speed is desired without compromising precision.

25 Gauge: These needles are usually orange and are much thicker compared to 30 or 27 gauge needles and may be utilized for denser fillers, instances requiring a greater volume of product to be delivered promptly or IM injections. Nonetheless, they may cause more discomfort and bruising compared to finer needles.

22 Gauge: Significantly larger in size, these needles are usually blue and are generally unsuitable for lip injections due to their dimensions. They may be employed for drawing up filler from the vial but are typically not utilized for injection into the dermis themselves.

18 Gauge: These are typically green and very thick needles use for drawing up product. They should never be injected into the client as can cause tissue and even nerve damage.

The choice of needle gauge ultimately hinges on the specific demands of the treatment, practitioner preference, and client comfort. It’s imperative for practitioners to possess the requisite skills, experience, and training to select the appropriate needle gauge and technique, ensuring optimal results while minimizing discomfort and the risk of complications.

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